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Sparks with Bold Purpose wants to promote unity within our Haitian and Black Communities. We want to support and build up Haitian and Black-Owned Businesses to create thriving community opportunities as a means of establishing generational wealth.

A Message From the Founder

My name is Katy Kreyòl, founder of Sparks with Bold Purpose, whose mission is to bridge the generational gap within  the Haitian Diaspora through civic engagement and mentorship. We thrive on empowering individuals, families,  and communities of color. As a part of our efforts, we hope to highlight the work of local entrepreneurs and  businesses and provide our community with easy access to them directly from our website. Such is the reason for  our outreach to you. If you would like your business featured on the Sparks with Bold Purpose website, details are  below.

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Support Black-Owned Businesses

We Support Your Business!

We would like the opportunity to support you. This is your chance to let the community know about your wonderful business.
Please let us know how and we will create a space for you!

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